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You have two choices with two outcomes… Help the world but live in the world forever. Or leave the world but let that world die… Step into the vast, unique world of Altered and follow the zany adventures of a far-flung teenage boy named Gizzy. His peaceful vacation is abruptly interrupted when a mystical cyclone rolls through, sending him to a strange, Earth-like world of Green Bloods, Transwolves, potions, and fairies. Will Gizzy overcome the obstacles of this strange but beautiful world and make it back to Earth…or will he fall victim to the spells and shifty ways of the ominous guardians…

All copies of the Altered books are signed by the author, Gary Merritt, and delivered from his home to guarantee a safe arrival to your destination!

This is the Author Gizzy Gazza, or Gary Merritt from Youtube known for Minecraft content for children and all ages

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